Honoring Excellence: The Gloriosa 'Tomas De Bruyne' & Tulip 'Tomas De Bruyne'

At Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences, we are immensely proud to not only showcase exceptional floral creations but also to be honored with two flowers named after us. This recognition from the floral industry is a profound honor, and with great humility, I take pride in having both the exquisite Tomas De Bruyne Tulip and the stunning Tomas De Bruyne Gloriosa Rothschildiana bear my name. These flowers, cultivated with the expertise and dedication of their growers, embody the high standards of quality and beauty that define Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences and reflect the values of aesthetics and excellence in my work.

Patron : Princess Nora, wife of His Royal Highness Prince Saud, of Saudi Arabia
Photo’s: PSG, Belgium

The 'Tomas De Bruyne' Gloriosa Rothschildiana is a remarkable new variety that adds distinction to the range of Gloriosa flowers from Holland. Its warm reddish-orange petals, finely fringed with yellow edges, are strikingly sensual. The Gloriosa's compact buds and moderately round, pale green leaves make it a highly sought-after addition to any floral collection. Celebrated in Las Vegas, this flower embodies the vibrant tension and excitement Tomas de Bruyne brings to floral design. Registered by VKC, the Gloriosa Rothschildiana stands as a unique and inspirational symbol of beauty.

TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne'
Photo’s: Alex Mateiu

The 'Tomas de Bruyne' tulip is a stunning tribute to the world-renowned floral designer from Belgium. This exquisite flower features two-tone white and pink petals with a fringed texture, mirroring the elegance and intricate structures that define Tomas de Bruyne's work. The tulip's creation is the result of meticulous crossbreeding and selection, a process spanning over 15 years. Officially registered by the Royal General Association for bulb cultures, this tulip is a lasting testament to Tomas de Bruyne's profound contributions to the floral industry.

Explore the unique, inspirational, and extraordinary qualities of these remarkable blooms, and elevate your floral designs with the signature elegance of Tomas De Bruyne.

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