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We ultimately believe that each of us, are constantly seeking and yearning for a continual flow of creative ideas, ambition, and inspiration. This only comes from implementing the knowledge that we are taught and taking it to the "knowing" stage. Once this has been accomplished, we allow ourselves to be changed, or open toward becoming a "conscious creative"; one that does not seek out the next trendy "trick or tip" while discovering the infinite creative possibilities that surround us.

EMC - short for ‘EUROPEAN MASTER CERTIFICATION’. European Master Certification (EMC) is an educational platform that exposes florists to the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE) taught by a driven, engaged and passionate team. You will be introduced to new design styles, shapes, color combinations, techniques, materials, and creative ways of using those materials.

The EMC program shows you how to look at flowers closely by discovering the differences in their personalities, emotions, and possibilities, thus learning to use them to the fullest variety of ways. EMC will create a culture of engagement for floral creatives in pursuit of enhancing their potential. EMC also builds a community stimulated by the same growth and ambition with the global floral industry.

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EMC Program Testimonials Speaker Results workshop

Founded in 2004, Cohim Education Group is the first public listed company of design education in China. The total number of Cohim graduates has exceeded 30000, who are from over 20 countries around the world. As one of Cohim’s education branches, FSBJ-Flower School Beijing has over 5000 graduates around the world, so far is the biggest as well as the most influential international flower school in China.
In 2008, Mr. Tomas was invited by the Chinese government and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games as a senior floral design advisor for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. His work had been well received by all parties while his artistic talent and leadership were known by people around the world. With this opportunity, Cohim connected with Mr. Tomas with the mutual awareness to contribute for the floral design education in China. As an expert and guest lecturer at Cohim-Flower School Beijing, Mr. Tomas has brought marvelous driving force to the development of Chinese floral design industry, sharing his valuable expertise and life experience with every students in China. By far, his students are throughout China in more than 100 cities, who continue to spread Tomas’s spirit and values in their respective areas. We are very grateful for all the effort that Mr. Tomas’s has made for China’s floral design education. Also we very much enjoy every wonderful moment with Mr. Tomas, who we call the "miracle master", as he can always bring us surprises and great works. We firmly believe that Mr. Tomas will create more spectacular floral experiences for all those who love and respect him, and accomplish more brilliant achievements in China.

Cohim Principal, Guo Feihuad

With multi-billion-dollar investments in University Towns in China, DeTao Group has dedicated itself to high-end professional education by bringing together the world’s eminent experts to nurture professional elites and innovate solutions in a wide range of fields. Tomas De Bruyne’s name was recommended by DeTao Board of Advisors as a top expert in the field of Floral Design.

Worldly renowned as an authority on floral design, Tomas De Bruyne is a European top floral artist. He also owns his own floral design consulting company "Tomas De Bruyne BVBA". With the aim of providing high quality floral experiences worldwide, creating innovative design with passion for flower, sharing deep insights in the industry through educational programs, the company’s vision and values meets DeTao’s targets of high-end professional education and innovative solution for industries.

In light of the enormous and urgent needs for advancing Floral Design in China, and DeTao’s initiative in Masters Academy, DeTao cordially invited Tomas De Bruyne to join our great team of DeTao Masters to be our first floral design master, and both have maintained a good collaborative relationship between since ever. We believe that by combining Tomas De Bruyne’s extraordinary insights and rich experiences with DeTao’s platform and local resources, both can create an exciting and bright future together in China.

DeTao Group COO, Chris Xu

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Tomas is a unique, dynamic speaker able to engage the whole world, sweep any audience on any podium, with an overwhelming passion ,on the spot applicable knowledge, pleading for the beauty of nature and organic life. Unique indeed because such deep sense of purpose and passion are fed by authentic , personal, human values, believes and professional skills built over 20 years of experience as a floral designer, mentor, speaker for congresses, museums, various groups and schools ,from different industries, all over the planet.

Part I: FOUNDATION teaches all the basic skills, techniques, and theory required in the European Design teaching system in a very accelerated, yet comprehensive format. It is comprised of an online 8-week course.

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Practicum is an active implementation program between that provides the growth learned in Foundation taking you to the preparation for Advanced. Students practice all of the skills and techniques learned in PART I: Foundation on daily basis to improve the execution and efficiency and ready yourself for Part III: Advanced.

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PART II: ADVANCED explores the application of the creative process. Taking place in Brugge, Belgium, it’s where passion and emotion bring creativity to fruition.
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European Master Certification is not for everyone.
It is geared for those who aspire to be a successful floral professional.
It may be the program made just for you!!

7 Reasons why it should be made just for you

Gain valuable insight into the art of European Design?
Gain competitive edge through new, up-to-date knowledge?
Invest in yourself and your talent for future reward?
Gain opportunities to increase your market share?
Boost your knowledge with clever techniques, tips & tricks for everyday use?
Become part of a family of passionate individuals who will? Encourage and nurture your personal potential?
Join EMC and enjoy all its extra perks?

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