An  inspiring publisher

Aware of the transient nature of his work, concerned with sustaining the advocacy, sharing of his vital experience and message,   Tomas has consciously created an invaluable link between art and science through various publications reaching everyone :   photographs are 
being taken, inspiring books which are a barometer for the actual trends  are being promoted together with DIY books on the market, out of the desire to share know how with colleagues and flower fanciers. 

Techniques for Floral Beauty (2018)

Step by step - Creativity with Flowers Life3 (*) - Stichting Kunstboek Publishers
Bouquets (2006)
Interior (2006)
Christmas (2007)
Sympathy (2007
Arrangements (2008)
Weddings (2009)
Table arrangements (2010)
Plant arrangements (2011)

(*) Published in English, German, Dutch and some in Russian

Own book of art: Bloeiende Verbeelding – Tomas De Bruyne bvba 1999
Beauty of Nature, co-art project with photographer Michéle Francken, 1999
Emotions by Life3 - Stichting Kunstboek Publischers, 2003
Calendar “Eternal Circles”, co-art project with photo. Kurt Dekeyzer, 2005
Wedding Emotions by Life3 - Stichting Kunstboek Publischers, 2005
X-mass Emotions by Life3 - Stichting Kunstboek, Publishers, 2007
Luxury box Eternal Circles, co-art project Kurt Dekeyzer / Hilde De Bruyne, 2008
Passionate Emotions by Life3 - Stichting Kunstboek Publishers, 2010
Flower Moments by Life3 – 10 years of inspiration, SKB Publishers, 2012
Interior Emotions by Life3 – Stichting Kunstboek Publishers, 2014
Annual Series 2005 till present - Stichting Kunstboek Publishers+


The Art of Craftsmanship

When I last saw an arrangement of Tomas De Bruyne, I was impressed by the extraordinary beauty. It was a flower arrangement in perfect harmony, a result of creativity and technique created by a designer who strives for perfection.

It was no surprise for me when I found out that Tomas used OASIS® Floral and Floralife® Products for his artwork. Since we at Smithers-Oasis share the same norms and standards of quality by providing the highest-performing floral products.

For more than 60 years, day in day out, we produce innovative products that help passionate designers as Tomas express their deepest emotions in floral creations.

These fantastic expressions of his personality can be found in his publications, both inspirational and DYI books, that open a portal into his amazing craftsmanship."

Robin Kilbride, President and CEO, Smithers-Oasis

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