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Tomas De Bruyne Bespoke Unique Floral Experiences Worldwide
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Tomas De Bruyne is without a doubt one of today's most talented floral event designers, specialized in architectural and conceptual floral space design.

He is a celebrated international floral artist who has the skill, knowledge and talent to create breathtaking large scale floral art installations for a wide variety of celebrations.

From royal weddings to big fat Indian weddings, to grand public and corporate events. Every celebration sparks Tomas’s creativity and craftsmanship. He creates unique floral art that leaves a strong imprint in your mind and brings your celebration to the next level.

Tomas De Bruyne creates unique memories tailored to your values, making him the preferred floral space designer for every event.

Tomas De Bruyne Bespoke Unique Floral Experiences Worldwide is the perfect partner for wedding & event companies, decor & production houses, conference & festival organizers, event promoters, corporates or individuals looking to make their event magical and wanting to wow their guests/audience.

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To inquire about hiring Tomas as a speaker for your next conference or event, please contact us :

Tomas is a unique, dynamic speaker able to engage the whole world, sweep any audience on any podium, with an overwhelming passion ,on the spot applicable knowledge, pleading for the beauty of nature and organic life. Unique indeed because such deep sense of purpose and passion are fed by authentic , personal, human values, believes and professional skills built over 20 years of experience as a floral designer, mentor, speaker for congresses, museums, various groups and schools ,from different industries ,all over the planet.

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