MOMENTUM TOUR - Saudi Arabia

Join Tomas De Bruyne on his tour through Saudi Arabia.
3 - 19 DECEMBER 2019

Discover how to elevate your floral events by adding a magical touch

Masterclass - Floral Event Design
by Tomas De Bruyne - Master of Floral Events Worldwide

From December 3rd till December 19th Tomas De Bruyne, in collaboration with, will be touring through Saudi Arabia with this Masterclass "Floral Event Design" - MOMENTUM.

During this 5-day workshop, which combines theory, demo and practice, Tomas De Bruyne will share his experience, insights, tips and tricks on how to turn an event into a magical moment by incorporating flowers and floral installations.

Dates and locations:
Riyadh December 3rd - December 7th
Khobar December 9th - December 13th
Jeddah December 15th - December 19th

Online registration will open soon!

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