TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne' TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne' TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne' TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne'

TULIP 'Tomas De Bruyne'


Photo's: Alex Mateiu

The 'Tomas de Bruyne' Tulip: A Floral Tribute to a Renowned Designer

Tomas de Bruyne, a world-renowned floral designer from Belgium, has been honored with a unique tribute (Spring 2024) —the naming of a stunning new tulip variety in his name. This Dutch tradition, one of the highest accolades in the floral design community, celebrates de Bruyne's profound contributions to the industry.

The 'Tomas de Bruyne' tulip, with its exquisite two-tone white and pink petals and fringed texture, reflects the elegance and intricate structures that define de Bruyne's work. The intimate naming ceremony, attended by close friends and esteemed colleagues, was graced by Frank Timmerman and the S. Schouten nursery, who initiated this heartfelt tribute. Tomas de Bruyne was honored for his lifelong passion and optimistic outlook on floristry.

The celebration featured delicate touches, including champagne, symbolizing the joy of this milestone.
The 'Tomas de Bruyne' tulip is officially registered by the Royal General Association for bulb cultures, ensuring that his legacy endures for generations. As this radiant pink tulip blooms in gardens and collections worldwide, it stands as a living tribute to creativity and beauty, celebrating the enduring impact of Tomas de Bruyne's artistry in the floral world.

The Creation of the Tomas De Bruyne Tulip: An Informative Journey

The Tomas De Bruyne Tulip reveals its soft pink color, sturdy build, graceful leaf arrangement, and delicate serrated edges. With its enduring large blooms, this fringed tulip is highly sought after and adds distinction to floral collections.

Developing new tulip varieties is a meticulous and time-consuming process. Here's the journey of the Tomas De Bruyne Tulip: The process begins with crossbreeding two different tulip varieties: Holland Snow and Lingerie. Seeds are obtained from this cross in the first year. It takes approximately 4 to 5 years for these seeds to mature into the first bulbs and produce the initial blooms.
Once the tulips bloom, they undergo rigorous selection in the greenhouse. Only 3 to 4 out of hundreds of new varieties are chosen based on appearance, growth strength, bulb quality, and disease resistance.
Selected tulips are numbered and propagated, doubling in quantity each year until there's enough for market release, a process spanning over 15 years.
After more than 15 years since its creation, the Tomas De Bruyne Tulip is now established as a valuable addition to the tulip assortment.
Words that best describe the Tomas De Bruyne Tulip: Elegance, captivating, exquisite, and distinctive.

Product Information:
Product Name: Tulipa ‘Tomas De Bruyne’
Registration By: Goede Tulpen BV
Main Flower Color: White/Pink

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