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Experience nature in full bloom at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

If you wish to enter into a wild garden or want to witness exquisite multi-colored flowers and trees and gigantic floral installations, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla is the place to be this summer.

The Spring-summer season heralds fresh blossoms and vibrant colors, and Phoenix Marketcity dips into nature's palette to transform itself into a bountiful, floral universe. Their constant endeavor to patronize the arts has resulted in Bloom City, a mall transformed into a magical garden of wild flowers, rare blossoms, bonsai, sacred trees, magnificent, neck-craning floral sculptures and fragrant installations. Enter the mall this season to be teleported to this mystical, tropical, indoor paradise.

Belgian mastery

The cynosure of the aesthetic spring décor is the majestic Tree of Prosperity, a 35-foot high installation consisting of an incredible 300.000 flowers approximately. Designed by Tomas De Bruyne, the world-renowned floral architect from Belgium, this transcendent tree embodies the mysticism of human existence. 'The life of the sacred tree parallels human life, explains the designer. 'It is also the source of all life the sacred tree's shadow and fruit nurture us all, and its deep roots signify our link to our ancestors.

The famed artist, who has worked across the globe, continues, 'My other installation, Gateway to Happiness reflects the multi-level existence we lead, the network of external connections we make and the internal nerve connections we consist of.

He adds, 'Collaborating with Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla to design theses installations has been a great experience for me. The installation is a unique amalgam of aesthetic design and utility which makes it a spectacular visual treat.

Tree of Prosperity in numbers:
75 days from design to execution
10 fabricators for complete 30 days in 2 shifts
15 carpenter and 5 helpers for acrylic fixing in 2 shifts for almost 15 days
3 electricians for 4 days
4.000 led modules
1.000 facets
More than 300.000 flowers

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