Give shape to your dream

If you feel the urge of making your own flower arrangement, and giving it the spirit of your own breath, I would be happy to guide and inspire you.

Creating flower arrangements is not only a technical job but is very much a work of love and passion. It is an urge, a way of showing emotions and values through flowers, transferring the beauty of nature into an arrangement which you.

I would feel privileged to help you giving shape to your dream, your passion and showing the wide variety of possibilities to do so.

EMC Program Testimonials

With multi-billion-dollar investments in University Towns in China, DeTao Group has dedicated itself to high-end professional education by bringing together the world’s eminent experts to nurture professional elites and innovate solutions in a wide range of fields. Tomas De Bruyne’s name was recommended by DeTao Board of Advisors as a top expert in the field of Floral Design.

Worldly renowned as an authority on floral design, Tomas De Bruyne is a European top floral artist. He also owns his own floral design consulting company "Tomas De Bruyne BVBA". With the aim of providing high quality floral experiences worldwide, creating innovative design with passion for flower, sharing deep insights in the industry through educational programs, the company’s vision and values meets DeTao’s targets of high-end professional education and innovative solution for industries.

In light of the enormous and urgent needs for advancing Floral Design in China, and DeTao’s initiative in Masters Academy, DeTao cordially invited Tomas De Bruyne to join our great team of DeTao Masters to be our first floral design master, and both have maintained a good collaborative relationship between since ever. We believe that by combining Tomas De Bruyne’s extraordinary insights and rich experiences with DeTao’s platform and local resources, both can create an exciting and bright future together in China.

DeTao Group COO:Chris Xu

The Art of Craftsmanship

When I last saw an arrangement of Tomas De Bruyne, I was impressed by the extraordinary beauty. It was a flower arrangement in perfect harmony, a result of creativity and technique created by a designer who strives for perfection.

It was no surprise for me when I found out that Tomas used OASIS® Floral and Floralife® Products for his artwork. Since we at Smithers-Oasis share the same norms and standards of quality by providing the highest-performing floral products.

For more than 60 years, day in day out, we produce innovative products that help passionate designers as Tomas express their deepest emotions in floral creations.

Tomas uses his experience to create floral designs where art, craftsmanship and high quality products come together.

Robin Kilbride, President and CEO, Smithers-Oasis