Gloriosa Rothschildiana
'Tomas De Bruyne'

Patron : Princess Nora, wife of His Royal Highness Prince Saud, of Saudi Arabia

Photo’s PSG, Belgium

The Tomas De Bruyne Gloriosa Rothschildiana is a new variety of exquisite beauty and an asset to the distinctive range of Gloriosa flowers now available from Holland. Its warm reddish-orange color is strikingly sensual and sets it apart from other more traditional varieties. The flowers have firm petals, finely fringed with yellow edges; the buds are compact on the stem producing a high ratio of flowers; the leaves are moderately round and pale green.

Adding vibrant tension and excitement to any design, this Gloriosa creates the ultimate wow-factor either with other flowers or on its own for even greater impact.

'Unique,' 'unparalleled,' 'inspirational' are words that describe this glorious Gloriosa.

Technical information
Product code : 114140
Product name : Gloriosa ‘Tomas De Bruyne’
Product abbreviation: GLORIOSA T DE BRUYNE
Registration by : VKC
Registration code : 238471
Main color flower : Red
RHS color : 046B
Product group code level 4 : 10309601

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